Die Springs: Custom Spring Manufacturing & Production

Die Spring Manufacturing | Durable Compression SpringsDie springs are high strength springs that are typically made using a rectangular wire or heavy gauge round wire. These springs are primarily used in die machinery. However, because die springs are well suited for high stress applications, they can also be used in a variety of additional applications as well.

At Wermke Spring, we manufacture a variety of types of die springs and custom die springs in order to meet your specifications and needs. As with all of the springs that we manufacture, quality is a top priority for us. Therefore, these die springs will meet your quality and tolerance requirements as well as the requirements set by the SMI. To learn more about the die springs we have available or to order custom die springs for any application, please contact the experts at Wermke Spring.

Our Custom Die Spring Manufacturing

As a leading spring manufacturer, we can produce custom die springs to meet nearly any application and requirements. Whether you need only one spring or millions of springs, we can have your springs ready quickly with a short lead time.

For custom orders, we can make a die spring based on your specific requirements using many different grades of wire and hole diameters. If you are not sure what type of die spring will provide the best results for your intended application, we will use expert knowledge and the latest computer design programs to ensure that your springs will perform to your expectations.

To work with our professionals on the custom design and manufacturing of die springs for nearly any application, please contact the spring manufacturing experts at Wermke Spring today.

Tips for Using and Selecting Die Springs

When buying die springs, it is important to take into consideration the following specifications and factors in order to select the best springs for your application.

  • Free Length: This is the overall length of the die spring before compression or before the spring is introduced to any load or force. It is important that you select a spring with the proper length as cutting off coils to reduce the length of a spring can reduce the spring’s integrity and cause it to fail.
  • Hole Size: This measurement is used to identify the outside diameter of the die spring. It is important to make sure the hole size is properly matched with spring dimensions in order to prevent buckling and possible spring failure. At Wermke Spring, we can manufacture die springs for a variety of hole sizes.
  • Intended Load: Also called the operating force, this is the force that is built up by the spring as it is compressed. This measurement is expressed in inch/lbs or rate.
  • Intended Operating Travel: This is the total distance that the spring will compress when the pressure or operating force is applied.
  • Rod/Shaft Diameter: The rod diameter is the diameter of the inside of the die spring. Because the rod should fit inside of the die spring, this dimension must be slightly larger than the diameter of the rod. At Wermke Spring, we can manufacture die springs with various inside diameters.
  • Spring Use: To determine the specifications that you will need for die springs, you will need to determine if springs will be used for short run, average cycle long run, rapid cycle or extra stress applications. This intended use will influence your specific needs and requirements.
  • Number of Springs: When determining the number of springs to use, you should use as many springs in the die as space permits with the least amount of deflection. Additionally, it is important to replace all of the springs in a die at the same time. This will ensure an even distribution of the load.

Learn More About Our Die Spring Manufacturing

To learn more about determining the best die spring specifications to meet your needs please contact us by completing our online form or by phone. As a leading spring manufacturer, we look forward to working with you to develop the high quality, custom springs you require for any application.