Power Springs: Spring Manufacturing and Production

Power springs are a popular type of constant coil springs, which are also commonly known as recoil springs, motor springs, or clock springs. These springs are used to store and release a rotational energy in the form of torque. Power springs are able to offer a high force output with very small space requirements, and they can store power indefinitely when extended. This makes power springs useful in a wide variety of applications.

At Wermke Spring, we can manufacture power springs in a variety of styles and sizes. This includes using all different types of materials, thicknesses, base widths, heights, lengths, and screw sizes. With this complete selection of styles available, we can manufacture the power springs that will best suit your needs for nearly any application. To learn more about our custom power spring manufacturing, please contact us.

Custom Power Spring Manufacturing & Design

If you would like to place an order for custom power spring manufacturing, please provide us with a blueprint, sketch, or drawing showing the specifications for your springs. If you are not certain of the specifications and design requirements that you will need for your project, we can work with you to design the custom spring that will meet your needs. By working with our staff and utilizing our computer aided design software, we can ensure that your power springs will meet your requirements and specifications for any intended application. This will ensure proper performance and system durability.

As a leading spring manufacturer, our number one priority is on quality. Therefore, all of the power springs we design are carefully engineered and manufactured in order meet or exceed your expectations and tolerance requirements. These springs meet the quality standards set by the Spring Mfr. Institute (SMI) and will provide the performance you expect.

To work with our designers to manufacture custom power springs, please contact our spring manufacturing company online or by phone at (636) 677-5500.

More About Power Springs

Power springs are springs that are made from a strip of flat, spring tempered material that has been tightly wound in a flat spiral shape. When used, these springs are wound on an arbor and are typically restrained in a cylindrical case. Power springs are used to store and release rotational energy. These are constant force springs, which can offer a high force output with very small space requirements. Additionally, power springs provide a long linear reach with minimal force buildup. They can also store power indefinitely when extended.

Common Power Spring Uses

Because power springs offer long extension capabilities, constant torque, and the virtual absence of intercoil friction, these springs are often used in a variety of applications. For example, power springs are frequently used as power sources for clocks, brush springs for motors, counterbalance springs for window sashes, or carriage return springs for typewriters.

Some of the additional popular applications for power springs include use in:

  • Mechanical Motors
  • Garden Equipment
  • Counter Balance Mechanisms
  • Reel Returns
  • Rewind Devices

Learn More About Power Spring Manufacturing

To learn more about the applications for power springs or to talk with our staff about designing and manufacturing custom power springs to meet your needs, please contact us today. As a leading spring manufacturer, we can offer custom spring manufacturing solutions to meet all of your needs.