High Quality Industrial Springs for Any Application

At Wermke Spring, quality is our number one priority with each industrial spring manufacturing project. From the design stages to the production process, we ensure that your springs will meet your quality and tolerance requirements. These springs also meet the quality requirements set by the Spring Manufacturers Institute (SMI), a self policing trade organization that encompasses all U.S. spring manufacturing.

Ensuring High Quality Industrial Spring Production

During both the design and manufacturing processes, we will take steps to ensure that your final product will meet your requirements. This includes using professionals for the design process and using the latest equipment and machinery when manufacturing each product. To learn more about the steps we take to ensure that we provide our customers with high quality industrial springs for any type of application, please contact us at Wermke Spring online or by phone.

Quality in Design

Industrial Spring Design & ManufacturingIf you choose to work with Wermke Spring during the design process for your industrial spring manufacturing project, you will work with one of our professional spring designers. We use expert knowledge to design an industrial spring that will provide the best results including maximizing system life and integrity. After designing your spring, we can supply a prototype at a minimal cost to ensure that your performance expectations are met. If necessary, we can also assist you with field testing and analysis in order to ensure that an industrial spring we have designed will meet your technical and tolerance requirements.

Quality Testing

During the manufacturing process, we take many steps to ensure that each product we produce offers the highest quality possible. This includes using the latest technology and equipment to ensure consistent spring production. Additionally, to ensure we provide each customer with only high quality industrial springs, each production run receives a documented inspection that is filed with the order. We keep a materials certification on every order, which is available to our customers upon request. The materials can be certified to any of the following guidelines:

  • ASTM
  • AISI
  • AMS
  • SAE
  • MIL
  • FED
  • UNS
  • JIS
  • DIN

Learn More About Our Industrial Spring Production and Manufacturing

To learn more about our industrial spring production and manufacturing services and to work with our professionals to develop the springs you need for any industrial or manufacturing application, please contact us online or by phone at (636) 677-5500.