Spiral & Constant Coil Springs: Manufacturing and Production

Sprial Springs | Design & ManufacturingSpiral springs are a type of springs, which are made from rectangular metal strips that have been wound into a flat spiral. These springs are designed to store and release rotational energy in the form of torque. One of the most popular types of spiral springs are constant coil springs, which are so named because they exert nearly a constant restraining force to resist uncoiling. Therefore, when the strip is extended, the inherent stress resists the loading force at nearly a constant rate. At Wermke Spring, we can manufacture and design all types of spiral and constant coil springs from of a variety of materials and in many different sizes in order to meet your requirements.

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Custom Spiral & Constant Coil Spring Design & Manufacturing

Spiral & Constant Coil SpringsAs a leading spring manufacturer, we at Wermke Spring can manufacture all types of spiral and coil springs. These springs can be custom made to meet your specifications and unique requirements. We can manufacture spiral springs based on a prototype, broken sample, model, or drawings or our spring professionals can help you to design the springs to best meet your needs. We can manufacture any quantity of spiral or constant coil springs ranging from one to millions of parts in order to meet your specific requirements.

As with all of our custom springs, each of the spiral or constant coil springs that we manufacture offers high quality and reliable performance. We ensure that each spring meets the quality and tolerance requirements that you have set for a project. Additionally, our springs are inspected to ensure that they meet the quality requirements set by the Spring Manufacturers Institute (SMI).

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More About Spiral & Constant Coil Springs

Spiral springs or constant coil springs are springs that are made from a rectangular strip of material that has been wound flat around itself. These springs have either special retaining holes or bends on both ends allowing them to attach or anchor into place. Then when a force is applied to pull or extend the free end of the spring, the spring will act similar to an extension spring. The torque-deflection characteristic of a spiral spring is generally non-linear. This condition is caused by the friction between the coils and the varying amount of material that becomes active as the spring is deflected.

Types of Spiral & Constant Coil Springs:

  • Power Springs: These spiral springs are often also called clock springs because they are frequently used in clock design and manufacturing to provide power. These springs provide rotational energy from either the arbor, case, or linear motion with the use of a pulley or cable. These coil springs can offer a high force output with very small space requirements. They also provide long linear reach with minimal force buildup and can store power indefinitely when extended.
  • Hairsprings: These are open wound spiral springs that have coils, which are evenly spaced apart. These coil springs are usually small in size and are typically used in the instrument industry. For example, they can be used in timing devices, meters, or anti-backlash mechanisms between gears.
  • Brush Springs: These spiral springs are so called because they have been used for a long time to apply pressure to carbon brushes in electric motors and generators. These are open wound coil springs that are characterized by having all coils active through most of the travel.
  • Constant Force Springs: Constant force coil springs are a type of spiral spring that is formed so that each coil wraps tightly around the other. When in use, the free end is pulled out and the load is built up by the inner coils. These coil springs can be any length and are designed to provide a constant load at a zero rate.

Learn More About Spiral & Constant Coil Springs

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