Spring Washers: Custom Spring Washer Manufacturing & Production

Spring washers are small washers or disks made of metal that form irregular shapes. Because of these irregular shapes, when these washers are loaded they are able to act like a spring to deflect and provide a preload between the two surfaces. There are many different types of spring washers available including Belleville washers, curved washers, and conical washers.

At Werkme Spring, we can manufacture an endless variety of different types of spring washers in many sizes and styles. This includes the custom design and manufacturing of products to meet our customer’s specific requirements. To learn more about spring washers or to submit your specifications for a custom order, please contact us about our spring manufacturing services online or by calling us at (636) 677-5500.

More About Spring Washers

Spring washers can be used alone or in stacks in order to achieve the desired load and travel. The main advantage of spring washers is that these are able to generate high force in a very short spring length and with minimal movement when compressed. Therefore, spring washers provide an easy way to compensate for differences in stacked tolerances, also known as “end play”. They also provide a low cost and efficient solution for dealing with a variety of design requirements and complications. This includes when:

  • Compensating spring force
  • Preloading a bearing
  • Applying constant tension on fasteners
  • Absorbing intermittent shocks from starting and stopping

Common Types of Spring Washers:

Belleville Spring Washers

Belleville spring washers are one of the most common type of spring washers available. These are conical shaped washers that can be used alone or stacked into columns. They can be stacked into columns in a variety of ways or patterns in order to increase the load or deflection. This includes stacked in:

  • Parallel Form: This is when all washers are stacked facing the same way. It will increase load with the addition of each washer.
  • Series Form: This is when all washers are stacked opposite of each other. It will increase deflection with the addition of each washer.
  • Series-Parallel Form: This is a combination of both series and parallel stacking methods.

Learn More About Spring Washers

To learn more about the different types and styles of spring washers available or to request a quote for custom spring manufacturing, please contact us online or by phone. As a leading spring manufacturer, we can help you develop solutions and produce the custom products needed to satisfy your needs.