Industries & Applications for Our Springs

At Wermke Spring, we manufacture all types of springs including compression springs, extension springs, torsion springs, wire spring forms, spring clips, spring washers, and spiral or constant coil springs. These springs can be used in all types of applications and can serve a variety of purposes. For example, they can be important pieces of the machinery and equipment used during manufacturing and processing or they can be added as part of a final product. Our custom springs can also help address issues and maximize efficiency in processing and industrial applications.

To work with our spring professionals to develop the custom springs needed for any application, please contact us at our spring manufacturing company today. In addition to designing and manufacturing any custom springs, we can also offer a variety of special finishing and processing capabilities such as plating, rust prevention coating, hardening or tempering, and powder coating in order to ensure that your springs are completely ready for use when you receive them.

Custom Springs for Every Application

Springs: Industrial Spring Design & ManufacturingOur company places a focus and a high priority on providing each customer with high quality industrial springs to meet their every need. We can manufacture a variety of types and styles of springs in many sizes in order to meet nearly any customers’ needs. We also offer custom design services for springs in which we can work with you to develop springs that will solve problems or allow your processes and equipment to operate more efficiently.

With these custom spring design services, we often work with industrial customers who need solutions to help solve problems and improve system efficiency. Our staff can review your designs, plans, or existing configuration in order to develop a solution that will maximize system performance, efficiency, and life expectancy. If necessary, we can even field test any springs to ensure they meet your performance expectations.

Industries Our Springs Serve:

While we can produce springs for nearly any industry imaginable, some of the most common types of industries and markets we serve include:

  • Industrial
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace & Aviation
  • Medical
  • Transportation
  • Printing
  • Industrial
  • Defense and Military
  • Sports Equipment and Toys
  • Heavy Construction Machinery
  • Lawn & Garden Hardware
  • Appliances
  • Electrical

Learn More About Our Spring Manufacturing

To order springs for any industrial, manufacturing, or processing application, please contact us at Wermke Spring today. If you already know the specifications and requirements for your springs, you can provide us with your drawing or specifications and we can begin the manufacturing process in order to supply your springs as soon as possible. We can also work with you to develop custom designs and solutions to meet your needs.

For any order of custom springs, we will prepare your order and distribute it quickly with rush delivery available. We perform tests and take several quality control steps in order to ensure that all springs will deliver the high quality needed to meet your performance expectations and tolerance requirements. To learn more about our spring manufacturing services or to see how we can create a custom solution for you needs, please contact us today online or by phone at (636) 677-5500.