Wire Forms: Wire Form Manufacturing

The term wire form can be used to include any type of parts that are made from wire and do not fit into the other standard categories of springs. These metal parts can serve a variety of purposes and typically must be custom made and bent to fit your requirements and specifications. Wire forms can be as simple as a key ring or can function as a complicated multi-bend wire spring.

As a leading spring manufacturer, we at Wermke Spring can manufacture a variety of different types of spring wire forms in order to meet any specifications and requirements. To learn more about wire forms and wire springs, contact us.

Our Custom Wire Spring Form Design & Manufacturing

At Wermke Spring, we can manufacture wire springs and wire forms using a variety of types of materials. If you already know the specifications and requirements for your wire spring or forms, you can contact us online or by phone with this information. Additionally, Wermke offers wire spring design services to create complex spring wire forms, which can meet any of your needs. When designing spring wire forms for any application, we can work from your drawings, specifications, or part samples. Our expert designers will consider some important factors in order to develop solutions that will provide the best performance and maximum durability.

For example, in order to maximize the life of the part, it is important to keep the number of radii to a minimum. Also, each radius should be as broad as possible. This is necessary because bends are where the highest stress concentrations occur. Therefore, they are the most likely location for a break to occur. Our designers recommend a minimum radius of 1.5 times the wire diameter for any spring wire form.

For help designing the custom spring wire forms to meet your needs and to receive a quote for custom wire spring manufacturing services, please contact the professionals at Wermke Spring today.

More About Wire Spring Forms

While most typical springs have a helix or spiral shape that consists of a group of coils, wire forms are parts that are made from spring wire, which has been bent or twisted to some other specific form. These wire forms often perform functions similar to springs by providing tension or holding things in place, but they can also be used to serve nearly any other type of purpose. They can be as simple as a key ring or much more complex in order to serve a complicated purpose.

Some common types of wire forms include:

  • S-Hooks
  • J-Hooks
  • Hitch Pin clips
  • Keeper clips
  • Retainer Clips
  • Hose Clamps
  • Spring Clips

Common Material Shapes for Wire Spring Forms

We can custom produce wire spring forms to your exact specifications and required shape using nearly any type of material. Some of the materials that we commonly use when manufacturing and designing wire spring forms include:

  • Rolled round wire
  • Flattened round wire
  • Rectangular material
  • Shaped material
  • Tempered wire to store and release energy

Learn More About Custom Wire Spring & Form Manufacturing

To request a quote or to place an order for custom wire spring or wire form manufacturing, please contact us at Wermke Spring online or by phone. Our spring professionals are experts at designing wire springs and forms to meet nearly any specifications and requirements, and we can work with you to develop a customize solution to meet any of your needs.